Engage Consumers

Connection with consumer

Almost every brand has a connection with their consumers, but only a few of them create a relationship that lasts more than one purchase. Brands and consumers live in a world where everything is interconnected. On one side you have consumers who have access to all kinds of products and services and on the other side, you have brands who can distribute an enormous amount of content and data but are always looking for something new to increase sales.

Effective communication

The increase in sales is connected with effective engagement of consumers. Engaged consumer creates value, loyalty, and shares his experience to other consumers. Value means a great experience for the consumer, which can be achieved through a limited number of channels present on-trade (in bars). Enhancing drinking glasses with more than just brand décor results in a newly made digital promotional medium where brands can engage with consumers in real-time and deliver the added value everybody strives for.

Engaging consumers

The beverage is made for consumers. Consumers demand a personal touch. Inspired and engaged consumers are creative, have a passion for innovating and will give you their insights if properly involved. Expressing opinions on the internet on an unprecedented scale is happening in the present. Taking advantage of this valuable info and the creativity of the consumers is a way to create a successful personal experience with the brand – this is the future.

On-trade experience

In bar experiences are more important than ever before. 66 % of consumers consider entertainment as learning something new as well as having fun. Well-known pub quizzes, cuisine evenings and football matches are being accompanied by mobile technology to upgrade the experience. Non-traditional on trade activities connected to the brand are basically non-existent. It is time to shift this habit to a unique everyday treat. Millennials as a core consumer group are highly engaged in social media, are not price sensitive and are always looking for new experiences. They are ready and waiting for an improved experience on all levels.

Ultimate experience

Getting info about the beverage they are drinking, reading about the history of the brand, accessing latest promotions and events, giving their feedback and even suggestions is something that every consumer should be able to do in a bar. Furthermore, he should be able to connect with all other consumers and social media, interact with them and be awarded for the interaction. Only this way the consumer can actively be involved and help shape the future of the brand.

Caring for consumers is growing

People coming to bars are already a part of countless virtual communities – including yours. Keeping community together in beverage market is extremely challenging and when succeeded, extremely rewarding. Content is delivering the experience, which delivers value and stronger community – loyal consumers. Such consumers will take care of the existence of the community by itself. Educating consumers, engaging, listening and considering their wishes is the key to sales and brand growth with the right perception in consumer's eyes.

We offer you all of the above by transforming a drinking glass into a digital socially engaging medium, which is a necessary step towards a greater dream - launching measurable effective marketing campaigns in bars to increase loyalty and sales.