SipSup Solution

Imagine launching measurable effective marketing campaigns in bars with ability to increase brand engagement, sales & loyalty at the same time?

The solution

SipSup Solution solves the problem of effective beverage brand promotions in bars. Beverage brands now have the ability to engage consumers and serve unique location based content when it matters - when people are drinking.

We are specialized in upgrading POP promotion and engaging consumers with the brand. With our Software-as-a-Service solution, SipSup focuses on HoReCa where brands lack the information who and when the beverage was drunk/interacted with.

By entering the rapidly growing Horeca industry our goal is to upgrade existing POP promotion and give the opportunity to perform an advanced measurement.


We are more and more interested in the drinking habits of beverage consumers and their data, through which we can target discounts, loyalty points, promote events, etc. This way we give beverage brands an insight into the drinking behaviour of their users, which allows them to effectively execute long-term targeted marketing campaigns and make promotion more effective.


SipSup solution consists of SipSup Visual ID, Application (SipSup or branded one) and SipSup Marketing platform. Our solution presents the tool for content marketing with proven marketing possibilities for effective marketing campaigns, increased brand engagement, and brand loyalty.


Because it presents a customizable, effective and measurable way of executing innovative marketing campaigns and increasing POP sales.

How to use it?

User downloads the application and scans the Visual ID to access location-based content. Beverage brand uses our platform that enables to track consumers, prepare marketing content and optimize delivery of digital content directly to the consumers.