SipSup Solution

Marketing platform

What is it?

SipSup Marketing platform is web based platform developed especially for beverage brands to effectively launch campaigns on all POP locations. Distributing content marketing on the spot & at the right time when people are drinking means real-time access to consumers is available and personal connection between consumer and the brand is established.

What does it consist of?

SipSup Marketing platform consists of 3 main elements: CRM, Dashboard and Marketing Module. All are necessary to track the performance of user engagement, marketing campaigns effectiveness, and increased brand loyalty.

What are the benefits?

The main benefit of SipSup Marketing platform is to measure POP promotion, sales, loyalty, and engagement. Brands can remotely distribute new targeted content based on location to increase user engagement with the brand. Our modules also provide deep data about the behaviour of the users which leads to creating or optimizing every marketing campaign for higher beverage sales.

Now beverage brands have access to inside info from the market about Where, When and Who is engaging with the brand - drinking the drink.