What is it?

SipSup Visual ID is a link between the mobile app and glassware used in bars. It gives each glassware uniqueness and defines the content that will be showed when reading the Visual ID code with the mobile app. It can be tailored to the visual identity of the brand and can be used on glasses, bottles or packaging.

How can we use it?

Visual ID codes can be generated in unlimited numbers and printed on any kind of glassware or other items. We developed special reading technology and integrated it into the app to enable proper reading.

What are the benefits?

  • Gathered geolocation even, if the user doesn’t have GPS on or enabled functionality to give away the location.
  • Design that is easily integrated in the existing brand visual identity of the brand.
  • Drinking glass is used many times and gives the opportunity to the brand to create a continuous, personal and engaging story for users.